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over 3 years ago, FocusCore Recruit Singapore

Focus Core Trends For Blog

Whilst our industry remains robust, Covid-19 and global events are changing the business environment our clients are operating in. Working with us, our clients rely on our knowledge and expert insight into understanding these developments as we help them to strategically fill different roles.

Some of the key trends we’re currently following include the evolving status of Hong Kong, strategic acquisitions across emerging markets, the impact of Covid-19 on leading market players and Singapore’s extension of the ILS grant scheme.

Learn more about each of these topics here:
- Tracking Asia’s path as the “next frontier for ILS”
- FWD completes acquisition of CBA's Indonesian business
- Hong Kong: Moody's assigns first-time A3 rating to Peak Re
- Mainland China’s regulator further extends agreement with Hong Kong
- Swiss Re suffers massive loss on COVID-19 claims

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