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Job Opportunities

Let us help you find your next job where you will fit and thrive. FocusCore was established in Japan and Singapore then spread across Asia with an exemplary network of top employers. Our team of recruiters can help you in finding your next job opportunity.

Acting with integrity is key to building a viable and sustainable business and we will sacrifice short-term gains to build relationships and longevity with you. Your job change impacts your life and family--a decision not to be taken likely or quickly. You want to work with seasoned professionals who learn your needs, know the market, have expert relationships, and provide valuable guidance.   

We will always endeavor to be flexible and totally transparent. We will  always strive to build trust this with you.

Search and apply. Start by quickly and easily searching our open jobs to find one that fits your skills and experience. We have jobs with the top companies in Japan and throughout Asia.

Upload your resume. Our online form makes it easy to send us your resume or profile. We’ll then contact you if your qualifications meet the requirements of an open position or match what our clients typically look for.

Help us get to know you. You are more than a resume or an application. We want to understand your experience and career goals so we can find you the right fit.

Use our resources. As we work hard to match you with an open position, know that we are also here to help you in other ways, like improving your resume, prepping you for interviews and sharing local hiring trends.