Tech - are the big firms about to slip?

Posted about 2 years ago by Charlie Robinson


We've seen the Tech giants come into Singapore over the past few years and really start to dominate on talent sourcing, but there seems to be a change in the market. Over the past 6 months as the government has continued to show commitment to reducing the operating cost of startups and SME's we have seen more and more top tier talent leave the big players for the freedom of the entrepreneurial world. We have had some interesting feedback from candidates on this, most of these big tech business are young and vibrant. They initially feel like a start up but they lose the pace of change that a new business has. 

The balance of hiring progressive thinking fast paced professionals vs the large corporate structure that can hinder speed of change is a tough balance for any company. If you're looking to hire the best business leaders and coders for your startup we can help. We can also provide advice on how to qualify for a SPRING grant and make sure you're able to claim on PIC.

We are starting to see the tide of top tier candidates move towards the roles where they can have a genuine impact on a company. If you want to grow your Tech SME then Singapore is the right place. 

Charlie Robinson -